Our Family, Our Faith, Our Future!

April 27, 2012 No Comments

Our capital campaign is called Our Family, Our Faith, Our Future.

Our Family reflects the bonds of love that have formed us as a community; Our Faith reflects the bonds that maintain us as one in Christ; Our Future reflects the promise that we will hand on our legacy of faith and service to future generations. Our efforts address urgent needs of the parish, and reflect our community’s spirit of hospitality, simplicity, and responsible stewardship of the blessings from God that you generously entrust to our care.

For a period of years Good Shepherd parishioners have reflected prayerfully on how to continue the work of Building Our Future. Countless hours of consultation, planning, and revising have brought us to the moment when we must move forward responsibly and decisively to make our dreams a reality.

We have distinguished between our needs and desires, and carefully balanced our hopes for the future with the realities of the present.  It is time for us to implement a plan to renovate our facilities and raise the funds to accomplish our goals.

To that end, we have heeded the advice given by the parish community, and with the support of our parish leaders – staff and volunteers – we invite you to join us in a capital campaign to make our parish family home a more safe, welcoming, faithful, and joyful place.

May God bless you abundantly for the generous and sacrificial offerings, both spiritual and material, you make to this campaign!


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