Campaign Commitment Weekend May 19/20!

May 15, 2012 No Comments

This Weekend, May 19/20,
Is Campaign Commitment Weekend!
veryone will have the opportunity to participate
and contribute to the success of the capital campaign.

How Do I Prepare for Commitment Weekend?
1)     Read the campaign materials. (Brochure; Giving Plan)
2)     Pray with your family about your pledge to the campaign.
3)     Bring the pledge form  you received in the mail; or be prepared to complete a pledge form next weekend.

How Are We Doing?
As of May 14
, Good Shepherd has raised over $2 million or 58% of our goal from 219 parish familiesThis represents an average 5-year pledged gift of $9,330 or $155/month over five years.

Over $200,000 Raised this Week!!
This week the campaign raised $200,000 from 80 new families that sent in their pledge. If you have not sent in your pledge, please mail it in or drop it off at the parish office.  Everyone will have the opportunity to participate during Commitment Weekend next week.

Why is Making a Pledge Important?
Pledging permits the donor to consider a wonderful gift of substance that will allow our Parish to fulfill its goal.  It allows for a substantial gift within the economical means of the donor.
For instance: Joe and Mary are asked to consider a pledge of $6,000.  They do not have $6,000 at hand, but after prayerfully considering their finances throughout a five-year period, Joe and Mary did find a way to work within their means a way to allot $25/week ($100/month) for the next five years for the campaign.
Pledging allows for a thorough review of one’s finances.  Through this review, one can assess what we can come to sacrifice, for five years, to continue strengthening our parish family.

If I make a pledge to Our Family, Our Faith, Our Future do I still need to give to the building fund?
No. The Parish will no longer issue the Building Fund Envelopes.  We will concentrate our efforts on Our Family, Our Faith, Our Future.  All monies will benefit this project to make our spiritual home a safer, functional space for all.

How do I make my payments?
After you make your pledge, special envelopes will be sent to your address.  We will send reminders according to the payment schedule you choose.

What form of Payment can I use?
For your convenience you can make payments on your pledge via any of the following methods: check, cash, faith direct, stock, or planned giving.

To whom do I make out my payments?
All payments should be made payable to:  Good Shepherd Catholic Church – capital campaign

Are gifts to this campaign tax deductible?
Yes.  As a 501(c)3 Organization, gifts to Our Family, Our Faith, Our Future are tax deductible, to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Our family’s financial situation doesn’t allow us to consider a pledge at the level requested.  What should we do?
We really do not know much about your family’s financial situation, but we encourage you to consider a pledge to this campaign that best complements your propensity for sacrificial giving.
Gifts to this campaign ought to be equal in sacrifice, not necessarily equal in dollar amount and it is our hope that your giving reflects this measure.  Perhaps it is more appropriate for your family to consider a gift on another level.  We recognize that your financial situation is unique, and ultimately, your thoughtful decision will be most appropriate.  This campaign is very important for our parish, and we hope your commitment will mirror that.






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