Big Changes in Week 5

May 31, 2012 No Comments

Work is in full swing all over Good Shepherd!

Mass is being celebrated in Creedon Hall.  Other than our Easter and Christmas Masses, this is the first time Mass will be celebrated regularly in Creedon Hall in 28 years.


Renovation of the worship space has begun. New carpet, an improved sound system, upgraded lighting, safety upgrades, and changes to the choir area are some of the renovations in store.


Outside, work has begun on making ADA access through the side door of the church.



Behind the scenes, the renovation of the kitchen and classroom areas continues.


Many thanks to everyone for your flexibility and patience as we juggle parish activities during this process.  Check out more photos at Our Progress\Renovation Progress


Next Phase:  Worship Space; Insulation; Roof and More!

Some changes coming in early June:  A wall will be built between the commons and narthex.  The front hall closet, chapel and Parlor Lounge will no longer be accessible.  The ceiling will be removed in the narthex, chapel and lounge and will be hard hat areas.  The sloped roof will be replaced, and new insulation will be installed.

The following Liturgical celebrations will be held in Creedon Hall:

• All Masses • Rosary • Confessions • Eucharistic Adoration

The following areas will remain closed:

The Sanctuary • Chapel • Parlor Lounge • Narthex • RE hallway • Classrooms • Nursery • Youth Room • Kitchen • Bathrooms behind kitchen

Safety Policies Minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times. No one is allowed in areas that are closed.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we make progress on Building Our Future!

Renovation Updates