Campaign Commitment Weekend

June 7, 2012 No Comments

Campaign Commitment Weekend – June 9/10!
This weekend, everyone has the opportunity to participate in the current success of the capital campaign. Remember all money pledged is 100% for our Parish.

Why is making a pledge important?

Pledging permits the donor to consider a wonderful gift of substance that will allow our Parish to fulfill its goal. It allows for a substantial gift within the economic means of the donor. For instance: Joe and Mary are asked to consider a pledge of $6,000. They do not have $6,000 at hand, but after prayerfully considering their finances throughout a five-year period, Joe and Mary find a way to allot $25/week to the campaign ($100/month) for the next five years. Pledging allows a thorough review of one’s finances.  Through this review, one can assess what one can sacrifice, for five years, to continue strengthening our parish.


“Equal Sacrifices – not equal gifts. Let sacrifice, not convenience, be the measure of your generosity.”
~Pope John Paul II on the occasion of his first visit to America.