Week Ten: Progress in the Face of Weather Challenges

July 8, 2012 No Comments

The week began with a severe “derecho” storm rolling through the region that downed trees and knocked out power to thousands of people in Northern Virginia.  After holding Saturday’s 5pm and 6:30pm Masses “in the dark” (and without AC!), the power came on in time for the 7:30am Mass on Sunday!
Work continued both inside and outside the facility. The newly built stone wall in front of the Right to Life garden is part of the new ADA access entrance to the church.  Inside, work continued on framing walls, and installing sprinkler systems, lighting, and more.

More pictures at Progress / Renovation Progress


Meanwhile, many of our ministries continue in spite of space restrictions and other constraints from the renovation project.  Here, a Prayer Quilt waits on a table in the Commons for volunteers to help tie knots … and say prayers for the intended recipient.
Jackhammers and power outages don’t stop Good Shepherd parishioners from “loving and serving!”


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