Status Update on Renovation

September 27, 2012 No Comments

Our Faith Formation Team and volunteers have done a great job in getting the classroom area complete in preparation for a successful opening of the catechetical year.

The kitchen is back and ready for use by ROCK and other groups. (Information about using the kitchen and operation support is available from the directors of individual ministries.)

Since moving back into the church, adjustments continue to be made to the lighting and sound system. The pew cushions have been delayed due to a manufacturing production issue in North Carolina. We hope they will arrive by mid-October. Some of the chairs have already been moved in, and the kneeler work will be completed soon.

The Commons and Creedon Hall
The Commons and Creedon Hall are now the focus of the attention of our work. The ceiling is already down, HVAC units removed, and floor cuts have been made to provide support for the sky fold partitions. Access to these areas is strictly restricted to the construction team – this is a hard hat area!

(Check for more photos at Renovation Progress)

Thank you for your prayers for our construction workers and for your patience as we continue this renovation journey.

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