Parishioners Enjoy Renovated Space

May 3, 2013 No Comments

We are indeed blessed by the generosity of all who have contributed to “Our Family, Our Faith, Our Future!”

Our beautiful worship space has been enhanced with cosmetic changes, such as new carpet, paint, and flooring. But the space also has benefited from improvements to lighting, heating and air, sound, and functionality (with improved storage for choir and music supplies).  The new handicap-accessible entrance has also provided easier access to the church for all our parishioners and visitors.

The renovation has brought improvements to:

In addition, parishioners have expressed gratitude for the renovated restrooms near the Classroom Hallway, that are larger, and more energy efficient.

The Commons area, as well as the new Information Counter, have also been well used, and benefitted from both cosmetic changes (paint and carpet), but also additional safety and efficiency improvements to heating, lighting, and sprinklers.

In May, 2013, we’ll embark on the final part of Phase I of the renovation project.  This final piece includes a minor expansion of the building to allow for installation of:

  • New restrooms
  • Needed storage
  • Pump room to operate the sprinkler system
  • Modified sacristy
  • Site work for water and electric lines

Thank you for your patience, prayers, and generosity as we continue to “build community in the light of Christ!”








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