Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the difference between BOF and Our Family, Our Faith, Our Future?
Building our Future
is the process that led to the creation of a master plan of renovation and future construction for our parish. Our Family, Our Faith, Our Future is the campaign to raise needed funds for select, urgent elements of the plan.


What is our goal?
The goal of Our Family, Our Faith, Our Future is to raise $3.5 million(Click here to check our progress.)


How can I help?
Every family will have the opportunity to participate in our campaign by welcoming a phone call or personal visit from a fellow parishioner serving on behalf of Father Tom. Please welcome a phone call or visit with an open heart!  (Click here for giving opportunities.)

And prayer! Please pray for the continued success of Our Family, Our Faith, Our Future.


Where can I get more information?
Contact Jen Stephens, jstephens@gs-cc.org, or  stewardship@gs-cc.org or call 703-780-4055 ext 312


and check out our campaign materials: