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Your donations and prayers directly help our parish family – thank you!

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GSCC: Our Family, Our Faith, Our Future 8710 Mount Vernon Highway Alexandria, VA 22309

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Prayer: Please pray for the continued success of Our Family, Our Faith, Our Future!


Jesus, be with us, the people who call you Shepherd, as we continue to build.

You are the cornerstone of all we do.

Provide us with the security we need when the winds of anxiety bring fear.

Be our foundation when we need a sense of roots and belonging.

We are the building blocks you use to create your Church.

May we always build with love, create with hope, and support one another with faith.

May every stranger and neighbor find in the home of our family of faith

a place of welcome and hospitality.


(adapted from the prayer offered by Father Gerry Creedon at the groundbreaking
for our worship space, June 26, 1983)