Project Leadership

Our Family, Our Faith, Our Future –  Campaign Executive Committee (a parishioner-led effort)


“I’m participating actively in the Our Family, Our Faith, Our Future campaign, because I believe that it is essential if our parish is to continue to fulfill its mission of Loving as Christ Loves, Serving as Christ Serves.  The growth in the number of families in the parish and in the number of parish ministries has pushed the current parish facilities to their practical limits.  This campaign will equip the parish to fulfill its mandate by updating and renewing Good Shepherd’s facilities for the first time in at least 20 years.  All current parishioners enjoy Good Shepherd’s facilities and benefit from its many ministries.  Now it is our turn to contribute generously, so that Good Shepherd can continue to serve in the future as it has in the past.”
- Jay Hyland, Major Gifts Chair


“I believe this project is vital to keep Good Shepherd as a place of welcome, and to share in the effort needed to make the building a proper home for worship, spirituality and fellowship for many years to come.  Those of us who enjoy Good Shepherd’s facilities and community are the beneficiaries of the faithful who gave in the past, so it is our turn to help prepare the building for the future.
We view our family’s gift as an investment, not a sacrifice.”
- Lauren Preston, Recruitment Chair





David and Beckie Porcaro, Overall Chairs

Jay Hyland, Major Gifts Chair

Dale and Mike O’Neil, Advance Gifts Chairs

Tom Gerard, At-Large Chair

Julian Martinez, At-Large Chair

Katie Savage, Recruitment Chair

Lauren Preston, Recruitment Chair